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  • Closing Bid: 26,000 miles
  • Quantity: 1
Auction Start: May 11, 10:00 AM EST
Auction End: Jun 11, 03:49 PM EST ...OR LATER
Listing Type: Auction
Listing Number 3157052
Location Virtual
Unique Bidders: 6
Number of Bids: 8 (Bid history)
Bid Increment: 1,000 miles
Opening Bid: 5,000 miles
Category: Food & Wine
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This Cooking Demo with Chef Michael Mina package includes:

  • Access for one (1) household to enjoy an exclusive virtual cooking demonstration experience led by Chef Michael Mina* on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 at 7:00pm EST
    • This is an intimate Zoom Video Conference for SkyMiles Experiences, and will only include up to ten (10) total SkyMiles members and their households
  • Participate in a moderated Q&A allowing for direct interaction with Chef Michael Mina
  • One (1) autographed copy of Michael Mina: The Cookbook

Get access to this exclusive Delta SkyMiles opportunity to virtually meet Chef Michael Mina from his home in San Francisco and watch in real time how he cooks one of his favorite dishes from his Michelin starred restaurant MICHAEL MINA for Delta SkyMiles members. This is your chance to enjoy a step-by-step culinary experience from the comfort of your home by one of San Francisco's most influential chefs.

Michael Mina's story is one of over two decades of influence, passion, and achievement. Michelin-starred MICHAEL MINA, Michael's flagship restaurant in the heart of San Francisco, represents the culmination of his core culinary philosophies, Middle Eastern heritage, lauded chronicles as a chef and restaurateur, and personal character. A crown jewel of Michael's restaurant empire, MICHAEL MINA is the eponymous signature restaurant which opened in the same location (formerly AQUA) and city where Michael first established his culinary reputation over 20 years ago.

For more information on Chef Michael Mina, click here.

*This SkyMiles Experience requires that the winning bidder has satisfactory internet connection and a suitable device (phone, laptop, tablet) that supports Zoom Video Conferencing program via their internet browser or downloaded app on their selected device with the ability to stream audio and video in order to participate. The winning bidder and their guests will only be permitted to participate in this SkyMiles experience on one (1) device per package. The winning bidder is permitted to gift this experience and the same terms of one (1) device permitted per household will still apply. This virtual SkyMiles experience will be shared with up to ten (10) total Delta SkyMiles winners and their households and is not a private cooking demonstration. The cooking demonstration and Q&A with Chef Michael Mina will last approximately 45 minutes in total, does not allow transfer of dates and is good for Tuesday, June 23, 2020 only. The conversation and questions between guests and Chef Michael Mina will be moderated and guests will be muted during certain aspects of the virtual experience.

Attending video conference guests need to confirm they have all digital necessary components to participate in this experience, including installing Zoom or an alternative video streaming program as directed by Delta, prior to the experience that takes place on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. After the auction ends, a Delta representative will schedule a time and date leading up to the virtual SkyMiles experience to perform a "test" run and confirm the winning bidder and guests are successfully able to log into the video conference and become familiar with the program. Delta is not responsible for any Zoom Video Conference program connections or internet disruptions during the virtual experience and it is highly recommended that participating guests have a basic understanding of using a smartphone, tablet, computer or any other technological devices. The winning bidder agrees that all technology components required for this experience are at the sole responsibility of the winning bidder and in the event the participating guests experience any outages or disruptions, no refunds will be made and a request for a new date will not be accommodated. All representations as to the software, compatibility, and source files are expressly disclaimed. Delta is not responsible for injury or damage to bidder, recipient, or any other person's computer or mobile devices related to or resulting from participating in auction or the package.  

Bidder does not obtain any rights to Chef Mina's likeness or publicity rights and agrees not to sell, license, publish, stream or publicly distribute the cooking demonstration to media sources, blogs, or other public channels. The winning bidder and members of household participating in the virtual experience will be permitted to take photos and videos of their experience and post to social media. Any additional purchases separate to this SkyMiles Experiences package is at the sole cost and responsibility of the winning bidder.

The winning bidder will be mailed a copy of Michael Mina's cookbook after the auction ends via mailing by UPS or FedEx but is not guaranteed to arrive prior to the virtual experience date. Please note the autographed copy of Michael Mina: The Cookbook will not be personalized.

The winning bidder can submit any specific dietary requests they prefer the chef to accommodate into the virtual recipe but requests cannot be guaranteed and is at the discretion of Chef Michael Mina. The exact recipe(s) chosen by Chef Michael Mina to be included in the virtual cooking demo and a list of ingredients and instructions will be determined and provided to the winning bidder within prior to the virtual experience date or the day of. Please note recipe ingredients will not be provided to the winning bidder and are not included in this experience. It is recommended that participating video conference guests observe, take notes, and ask questions to Chef Michael Mina and cook after the virtual cooking demo has completed or at a later date. Chef will not be able to stop or pause during his cooking demo and answer questions or wait for guests who choose to cook along.

Other than those specifically listed above, no additional items or services are included in this package. Subject to all rules, policies, terms and conditions found in the SkyMiles Experiences User Agreement.

All bids for SkyMiles Experiences packages are final and no mileage refunds will be made.